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Shoot each cube with a bullet that matches the color of the cube. Each cannon can shoot bullets that match only its own color, white bullets, and lasers. But the number of white bullets and lasers is limited. As your score increases you gain more. You start with three lives but are able to get an additional life every 100,000 points you score. You earn points by shooting and destroying cubes. All the colors are worth the same amount of points but the higher up the cube is when it is destroyed the more points it will give you. If one of your bullets hits a cube it cannot destroy you will loose points. When you hit special cubes(lightning and bomb)and they end up setting off other special cubes you get a 100 point bonus for each special cube set off. When you successfully complete a level you get a bonus of 100 times the level number you just complete. Where on Earth is an action and shooting game, available on, for your spare time entertainment and relaxing. Have fun!
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