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If you ever think the Green as Clumsy as the puppy in your around your neighborhood, you will regret for your big mistake. The Green is an action game casted by cute green living thing, on The alien creature from planet Green somehow escapes from the secret experiment rooms, irrigated by the rage, the Green should killed all the crew in every sessions. Don’t mess it up, dude, you can use your powerful KongFu fighting to melee or you can take fully advantage of your specialized ability to match a ranged attack. One last thing you should be aware of is the ranged missile is reduced every time you launched, but don’t worry it will restore gradually if you stop shooting for a while. You can use either KEY WSAD or ARROW KEYS to master the green buddy, and LEFT MOUSE to fight. During the fugitive, the Green can alternate melee or ranged attack by pressing KEY Q and KEY E. Avoid being caught and good luck!
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