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Discover or rediscover graphically the UFO videoludic Loco Roco in this version flash superb, playable, funny and poetic, in short précicipitez you on this Loco Roco 2, a play of address very nice and filled of pretty songs to discover on your gate of plays. Loco Roco is an alive form patatoïde, of which there are several colors with the manner of Barbapapas and who ventures in various landscapes in order to recover no-claims bonus with the manner of Sonic. The balloon (Loco Roco) rolls on the decorations and various organic elements to the various physical properties: hard, soft, sticking or slipping. To move it, use the Gauche arrows and Right-hand side of the keyboard. To jump, it is necessary that these two keys are inserted. In this version, you must reach the travelling carpet to make hatch the flowers of the same color as your Loco Roco. To change the color of Loco Roco, you direct towards the pot of flower and enter there. Loco Roco of different color will leave there. Tons of levels, quite as splendid and coloured ones that others, magic songs, a single universe and an unequalled freedom of movement. Enter the sensory experiment Loco Roco!
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