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Take the orders of a catapult and destroy the enemy strong castles with blows of balls in Castle Smasher, a play of address to be discovered on your gate of plays. In a time moved away, in the full Middle Ages, warriors clash with blow of catapult. Take the orders of a large catapult and send balls on the fortresses enemies in order to destroy them. You have a limited number of ball. Adjust well the angle and the power of each shooting to come to end from the enemy castle. All is played mouse. Start by regulating the firing angle by moving the sight and the direction of the throw with the mouse. Then, click and remain supported on the left button of the mouse to adjust the fire power. The bar of power increases if you remain supported on the left button of the mouse. When the fire power is appropriate to you, slacken the left button of the mouse to launch the ball. At each end of level, you can improve your catapult or your system of attack by buying a new unit. Superb graphics all in pixel art, a delirious medieval universe and fun and still of the fun for this play of original shooting. With you to play!
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