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In this game, there are 2 characters for you to choose to play, the male named Adam, and the female named Herty. You must have wondered why the female doesn’t name Eve. Well, I have to tell you that, YOU ARE HAVING TOO MUCH QUESTIONS! In this game, the only thing you should pay attention is how to beat the enemies, is how to kick all of the opponents’ asses, is what is the boss’ weakness, where is the sweet spot. Don’t let too much trivia mess you up. Street Avenger is an action and arcade game available on, for totally free. The various kinds of combat system will draw your attention and make you enjoy the fighting in every stage. You can reset your keyboard map to make your manipulate more comfortable, and there is list of combo skills on the right column. Don’t you find that Adam and Herty are different when you take over them. Good luck, and enjoy the violent fight in the street. By the way, I don’t know why the female character named Herty instead of Eve either, anyway.
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