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Psai is an adventure game on In room 1, your goal will be to free yourself from your chains. You have to find the crowbar lying on the ground near the hanging corpse and find the ax to cut your chains,then exit the metal door. In room 2,you have to free yourself from the rope that ties your hands together. Pick up the knife that is stabbed in a bloody corpse over the table. Grab the silver key that is beneath the closet. Pick up the stethoscope between the two chairs and use it on the coffer,which is between the stove and the fridge. After that,turn the lock,once the safe is open you can pick up the gold key. Enter the silver key in the silver lock, and the gold key in the gold lock to open door. In room 3,you will have to send power to the electric door to escape. Pick up the first breaker in the morgue hatch beside the head. Pick up the second breaker on the floor beside the trolley and grab the cable,then plug the cable in the outlet near the door. Plug the computer to the extension cable. Place the two breakers in the box as shown in this image. Turn on the switch and the computer should be on, click on the to find the run file. Then enter and press OK and then click on the door to exit. Pick up the saw and click many times on the killer. Congratulations, you’ve escaped the madness!
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