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Forest Cooking is a skill game on this game, you will play as a squirrel who will go out for a picnic with a suit of kitchenware , such as scoop, hollowware,and boiler. If you want to be the master chef of the forest. You have to make a dainty supper like angel cake, dim sum, kuchen, wafer, pancake, sandwich and so on. Now the raw material are offered to you. For example:sugar, milk, flour, honey, butter and chocolate. Memorize each kind of material before you put them into the cauldron,because if you want to make different kinds of pastry,different staple and quantities are required. Use your mouse to move the right things according to the right box, which shows the way you have to follow. What’s more, remember the time is limited, so a nimble skill is a must. Have fun!
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