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Epic War is an action game on mission is to complete each map by surviving the enemy onslaught,while sending your own forces to destroy the opposing fortress. Each map will continue until one of the two bases has been destroyed. While your opponent may have the advantage of superior numbers, your tower is equipped with a powerful crossbow. You can later build a trap,barrier and turret. As you kill enemies and earn experience, you can upgrade your units,crossbow firepower,base defense and supernatural powers. Summoning units and constructing base defense cost powers, the cost of which is noted on their portraits within the game. You will automatically generate power as time progresses,up to set maximum. This maximum can be increased by either purchasing an upgrade with experience between levels,or using superpower within a level to boost your total limit. You also gain magic power from killing opponents;stronger enemies will yield more power. To be victorious on the battlefield,you must both survive the enemy attack and launch your own counter-offensive. It’s important to balance both defense and offense. Press Down or Up Arrow Key to aim your arrow. Scroll the screen by using your mouse cursor. Managing your own army while exploiting the weakness of your opponent’s will go a long way in securing victory. Good luck!
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