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SNS3 is an online game with all the gladiators of the world, arm yourself and go inside the arena, and fight for your glory and money. It is an action online game, available on, for totally free. Like most of the RPG games, SNS3 provides an easy optional of your man in many details, covered from appearance, vital statistics to character profiles. If you get more weight out, you will decrease in health, but increase in your speed, in the same case, the more taller you are, the more parry you get, and the less dodge you are likely to have. You can even change your race, or in another word, the body type, though it is not any effects in your battle, the multi-kinds can impress you deeply from human, skeleton, yeti, golem, automaton, floralisk, sagan blob, and even glamouizon, you can even change your body into zombie. More statistics data to make your body more special, make them to have some certain ability. Fight for your release from bloodlust, you are born for this.
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