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Gyro is a gorgeous civet cat, adventuring in the forest to collect various atoms, though it will encounter many unexpected danger and terrible savage, it will be a fruitful expedition exploring the forest alone. There is plutonium puzzle piece, which is hard to find that when 5 are combined they make a rainbow atom, which is Gyro’s favorite item and he want to collect all 10! Blue atoms when20 of these rare toms combine they form a rainbow atom. Gyro letters hidden collectables in each world collect 4for a free life. Locked gateways these mark the portal location, but you cannot use the portal when it’s locked. Portal keys these open the locked gates. Open portals suck you into the next level. Green atoms green atoms are the most common item. Collect 100 and earn a 1UP. Adventures of Gyro Atoms 2 is an action game, available on, for totally free, in which you can master Gyro and bustle in the jungle.
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