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Game description of Ninja Roll 2 : Ninja Roll 2 is a creative game, with a new idea that you are not just playing the game, you will take a part in the game creating. An ninja is trapped in the water bubble, yet he is going to collect all the stars in the air. Provided in the ball, he cannot move freely, added that the ball is flexible, but no platform etc to make it roll along. So there is the trouble waiting for you to help to solve. There are also some tools in hand for you to create together, an eraser, to modify the path you drew right now yet not satisfied you now. The drawing pencil help to create the pass, by which you can direction the ninja in the ball to catch the stars. After you have already finished the line and ready to let the ball down, just press SPACEBAR to release. Ninjas Roll 2 is an action and puzzle game, available on, for totally free. Hope you will enjoy the game, have a nice play.
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