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Crazy Battle is a fighting game on There is a great number of foes ambush. They hide themselves behind the wheel or earth bags. Your objective is to shoot down as many enemies as you can in specified time. You will have 1000 basis points to start. You can shoot anywhere and anything, even disobey the humanly or normal cent. Sometimes a sexy blond will go across you; you can do whatever to her such as taking off her apparel and bra or even milking...But be careful of the badger game. Each enemy you shoot down, you will be awarded 200 points and extra 1 second time. Get shot will be deducted 150 points and 1 second play time. This is more than a normal game. More fun part has been built into the game, try it out now. It’s so easy ,just aim at the target and click to shoot. Have fun!
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