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StarskyandHutch is a racing game on In this game you are in the driving seat. It’s Saturday night and you are on your way to the club. You are in the Stark and Hutch car which will follow your mouse as you attempt to avoid police cars, taxis and random pedestrians. But make sure you pick up the girls on your way for extra points .Each time you crash you lose points and your car’s energy bar drops. Three crashes you will lose. You must control your wheels carefully. The faster you move your mouse, the faster your car will move. Avoid the cops, taxis you will get 10 points and the jaywalkers will gain 20 points. There are plenty of ladies on the way to Star sky’s, so pick them up you can get extra 10 points. So are you ready to go? We have given you 50 points to start off with. If you are really good you might make it to the leader board. Have fun!
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