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War On Terrorism 2 is an awesome shooting game on in which you have to complete four missions. Mission one: a possible bomb threat in the subway in London, take any action necessary to ensure the safety of the civilians. Mission two: A small town in Yemen has been taken over by a terrorist group known as the Islamic Army of Aden, you have to use any means necessary to make the town safe for its people. Mission three: The prison camp is just north of Afghanistan. The prisoners are being brought a new supply of food and medicine, but the tension is thick. You’ll be in one of the four towers overlooking the camp. Mission four: Three weeks of riots and protests have no king to this part of the city: Belfast. Many civilians have paid the price. It’s time to clean up before too many more innocent people die. Take great care not to shoot until you’re sure you’ve got a bad guy in your sight but not the innocent. Good luck.
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