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Van is a challenging racing game on Three years ago today Phil Pot had an idea, a outing to the well known music festival ”Glastonbury”. Phil pot and his best friend would jump in their Camper and head off down to Glastonbury. If only they got up their lazy ass’s. Three years later after watching many a mind numbing porn, Phil Pot and Dave did get off their asses, jumped in their Camper and set off to Glastonbury. Due to Phil pot’s laziness and Dave’s inability to stay awake in a moving vehicle you must take control of their camper and guide them to Glastonbury. You must also help them by stopping the boy racers and dam hippies from getting past. Leaving an oil slick is the best option which is a successful hit again cash, you will need it for your tickets and any emergencies. Don’t forget to let the rest of your chums past killing them results in huge funeral costs. Good luck!
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