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Rural Racer is a challenging racing game on, which has two players for you to choose. Everyone has eight laps. You have to finish each track as the winner to advance to the next level. To make your car run faster, you can use the turbo. You have to hold the turbo key, but not only press it. While holding the turbo key, your car will go faster. Below the speed indicator, you will see the status of the turbo energy. When you are out of energy, you have to wait until it refills. After that you can use it again. Player one will use the up,,down,,left ,right arrow keys, Shift key as the turbo. Player two use W A S D keys, the key under the ESC as the turbo. You can press the P to pause, click ESC to back the menu. What are you waiting for? Choose anyone that is your chance to show off your racing skills. Have fun!
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