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Downing Street Fighter is a challenging fighting game on in which your mission is to run for the “Prime Minister”. Entering an established national tournament, known as “The General Election”, you must complete to defeat 8 other contenders and earn the title which currently being held by the undefeated kick boxer Tony” Ray “Blair of Sedge field. You can choose to be Blair, defending your title, or choose to be a rival and attempt to steal the title. In order to beat your opponents you have to be quick on your feet, mastering flying kicks and gravity-defying punches. Pick a fighter to fight against 8 opponents in the best of three fights. In order to win, you must hit your opponent until their energy bar is razed to nothing. Pass all seven levels successfully to take the title of” Prime Minister”. The left and right arrow is for walking left and right. Up and down arrow keys is for jumping and crouching. X button is for punching and continuing .Z is for kicking, Q means quit to main menu. Go ahead and defeat your enemies! Have fun!
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