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You are on a boat and you have to catch as many fishes as possible. But this is not simple. The fishing line (the one with the hook) does follow the moving of your mouse. Bring it in middle of the fishes. There is always one catching the hook, but that's still not done! You have to bring the fish to the second line, that will take the fish up on the boat. The problem is that if you go too fast or make a brutal move, the fish leaves the line and you loose it! The game has several levels, always more difficult. In each level, you have a given timing. Within this timing, you have to catch a minimum number of fish (quotat) that is a must to be able to go to next level. It is indicated by the number of red fishes shown in the frame at the bottom left of the image. If you don't catch at least this number of fishes, you loose. All fishes that are additional to the quotat gives you bonus points, and if this amount of points is big enough, it gives you a bonus of time for the next level. Good fishing!
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