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Batting Champ game: Players are harder to control, but are more powerful and you have full control of the swing. Player will closely follow your cursor movements; up and down to swing, left and right for lateral positioning. When a pot chi comes, try to swing as fast as possible while still under control. When using Major league players it is pretty easy to hit the ball when swinging slower. Remember that the total score counts, hitting 200 feet 3 times is more than just hitting one 500 foot home run. You can start your mouse movement below and outside the main game window if it helps you pick up more speed. Speed at the moment of impact is what counts so what counts are how quickly you move from player’s feet to above his head. The rest is just follow through. White arrow shows which area of the bat should make contact with the ball for best results. If you hit with the area left from the arrow ball will go towards the left field and the opposite is true for the right area of the bat.
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