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Diam is an exciting board game on, which is played on an octagonal board of pawns. Each player has eight pawns of two colors. At this turn, a player puts a pawn on the game board or moves a pawn. The pawns can be stacked on the same space until a height of four pawns. A pawn can be moved from one place, all the pawns above are then moved at the same time. The winner is the first player who creates a Diam with one of his colors. A diam is created when two pawns of identical color are at the same stack level face to face. The lowest level is not taken into account. If two diam are created at the same time, the higher diam wins. You have the red and yellow pawns. To move a pawn, click on it, release the mouse and click on the place where you want to put the pawn. Have fun!
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