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The first step in playing the game is setting up your player and the gaming level. You can select the color of your player by clicking the buttons to the left and right of the player, which is depicted in the button on the top right corner of this window. Clicking on the text field underneath the player button enables you to change the gaming level to one of the following values. Enter your name (nick name) in the input field underneath. This name will be displayed in the high score table. The controls for playing the game are very easy and intuitive. You control your player using ’up’ (forward) , ’left’ (left turn) and ’right’ (right turn) arrow keys. The player cannot move backward. To stop the player’s motion releases the up arrow key. To pause the game click the ’pause’ button in the left bottom corner, to resume click the ’pause’ button again. To return to this menu, click the play button in the left bottom corner. B To learn more about the game goals selects ’Game Goals’ below. To start the game, click the start button. And now enjoy
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