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Still feel fatigue every morning when you get up from the bed, right? Maybe have a crazy ride on the breakfast table will make you more inspired. Well, a sound nutty isn’t it? But look at the word ‘breakfast’, it is combined by break and fast, which means every morning when the sun break the day we should do something fast, really fast! Brekky Race is a racing game, available on, for totally free. Get around the breakfast table as quickly as possible, avoiding obstacles and trying to race the opponent at the same time. Lookout for the green arrows as they mark the exit points for each stage, but how you get to them is up to you. Above all, make sure you’re the first across the finish line! SPACE BAR to accelerate while DOWN KEY to reverse or break LEFT KEY for a left turn and RIGHT KEY for a right turn. There are 3 difficulty options, choose yourself and enjoy.
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