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Step into the world of Azeroth through WOW Connect, a flash game that pays homage to the iconic visuals of World of Warcraft. This connecting puzzle game challenges players to match and remove pairs of icons while navigating through pathways and obstacles.

Immerse Yourself in the World of Azeroth;
Explore the universe of World of Warcraft as WOW Connect breathes life into its enchanting realm. Featuring symbols and characters from the MMORPG players are transported into the mystical landscapes and stories of Azeroth.

WOW Connect puzzle playing

Master the Puzzle Challenges;
In WOW Connect players must clear all icons from the game board by linking matching pairs with a line. The catch is that each line can have no than three 90 degree angles adding a layer of challenge. As levels become intricate strategic thinking and keen observation skills become crucial for triumph.

Progress Through Different Levels;
Advancing in WOW Connect involves tackling stages of increasing complexity. Players need to conquer the levels (1, 2 and 3) to unlock access, to tiers (4, 5 and 6).
To reach the stages players need to show accuracy and effectiveness, in completing the levels putting their skills and persistence to the test.

Earning a Place of Prestige;
For those who overcome the hurdles there’s a special reward – an esteemed spot in the Hall of Fame. This revered roster immortalizes the accomplishments of talented players highlighting their names as proof of their expertise, in WOW Connect.

Closing Thoughts;
WOW Connect presents a mix of puzzle solving and nostalgia beckoning players to delve into the realm of Azeroth from a fresh perspective. Featuring captivating gameplay mechanics and a nod to World of Warcraft this flash game guarantees hours of fun for players at any proficiency level. Get ready for your journey solve your way through the obstacles and etch your legacy in WOW Connects Hall of Fame. Azeroth is waiting for your deeds!

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