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This is a strategy game available on, for totally free. There are 4 different modes of game play lie in Classic, Drag and Drop, Hold and Custom game. The controls for classic go as follow: to kill an enemy you must simply click them until their health reaches 0. Drag and drop: click an enemy and hold the mouse down, you are now able to throw enemies with the mouse. Drag them up high and drop them to their death. Hold: sort of like classic, except hold the mouse down until the enemies die. For custom game you set everything. All the settings for the game, you can play classic hold, drag and drop by setting it in the settings. The mode that is labeled as all randomly chooses the mode after each level. Spells are keys in later levels, to purchase a spell you will need to buy one in the menu after every level. To use a spell, you must select the book on the top left labeled spells. Then select which spell to use.
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