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Save Ed is an adventure game on in which your mission is to find different kinds of keys to open the right doors. Use the arrow keys to move Molly and Tom around the rooms. You have five cloves of garlic, which will keep you for getting eaten, but each time you get hit you lose one. Pick up extra garlic to stay safe, but you can only hold 5 cloves at once. If you run out of garlic, Molly and Tom are out to there. You also have a flashlight but your batteries are constantly running out. There are a few batteries around the house too. If you run out of batteries, Molly and Tom will run for their lives. Try to avoid all of the monsters such as death’s-head, mummy, phantom, aerial mammal and so on. Also be aware of the trap doors, which are safe when they’re closed, but if you try to walk across an open trap door you’re going down. Find the key on each of the three levels which will open a door of the same color. Good luck!
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