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Doctor Strangegutt is a shooting game on in which you have to shoot in the up direction. Doctor Strangegutt stands in the middle of a clear road, but at the same time he has to clear the doughnut rain! Maybe at usual time you love the doughnut, and even consider it as a kind of delicious food; but now they are deadly! Thousands of doughnuts fall from the sky like downpour at a high speed, which is enough to hurt Doctor Strangegutt and even kill him. Luckily he has his own weapon with him—a powerful machine gun. Here what you must do is to help Doctor Strangegutt destroy 39 deadly doughnuts in each round. Use your mouse to move, avoiding the doughnut hit, and press your mouse button or the spacebar to fire to destroy the awesome dessert. Pay attention to the position, and never let Doctor Strangegutt be hit by the doughnuts for four times or more, or he will lose his life. Do not hesitate to be the justice emissary by your agility and outstanding shooting talent now! Open the safety door for Doctor Strangegutt in the game!.
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