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Zany Attack is a shooting game on in which you will have more and more opponents while you go further and further. In the first round, you have two kinds of opponents in two lines with 6 ones in every line. In the beautiful sky, they fall slow, shooting you all the time. You have to avoid being hit by them and shoot them to destroy the menace at the same time. You have 3 lives first, but you could get extra life when you shoot the extra which will fly from the left to the right once in a while on the best top. You must keep on nerve all the time, though kinds of diaphanous things just like presents are flying over you every now and then. As time goes by, your opponents will be nearer and nearer from you, which means you will be in bigger and bigger danger. Left and right arrow keys guide you to move left and right to escape the attack, and the spacebar stands for the fire! The last notice is that you have 3 lives in all, so catching right chances to shoot the extra above is important too. After winning, the next round will bring you more opponents. Come on, look how far you can go!
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