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Ewoks Annihilation is a shooting game on in which your opponents are the teddy bears. After the fall of the Empire, a team of Imperial Scout Troopers was left stranded on the forest moon of Endor, home of the Ewoks. Your task is to exterminate the annoying little teddy bears. In the first stage, the bears are not that far away from you. They hide behind the trees, and come forth sometimes. During the time, the troopers are keeping on flying over the forest, and you must avoid shooting them, or you’ll lose the game. In the second stage, bears go further from you, and the day becomes darker, so it’s harder for you to aim at them. When you advance to the last stage, on a peaceful lake, all the things are still, and bears will turn out suddenly. It couldn’t be darker and bearers are much further from you, and sometimes you could only see the outline of the furthest target. Move your mouse to aim at the targets, and mouse button could kill them. Remember only head shots are considered kills. You must have 400 points in order to advance to the next level and 900 points in order to go to the last level. The point system ranges from 10-20-30 depending on distance. Fight with the bears at once to measure your shooting accuracy!
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