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You have enough of these teletubbies right? Here a game made for you! The purpose of this game is, the simple extermination of all these charming creatures being in your sight! To play, there are three different type of weapons, which has a different fire range. For example, the chainsaw will be very useful in the case or a teletubbies emerges in front of you! The gun, “pistol” will be useful on an average carried, and the rifle sniper, “sniper riffle” will be useful in the case or the hideous creature is far from you. To change weapon just press on keys 1, 2 and 3 of the numeric keypad, which correspond respectively to the weapons showed above. The goal of the game is to kill the most teletubbies in 59 seconds, more you kill, more you have of point, if you shoot on the head from a telletubbies, if you make him a “headshot” you will have more point. However do not shoot on the cows, the shootings on the cows is forbidden. Relax well with this game by killing teletubbies!
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