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Abduction is a puzzle game on in which you work for the Mars. The Martian King is collecting Earth species. Your task is to assist in kidnapping creatures from an area the earthlings call the FARMYARD. In a colorful farmyard, there are kinds of earth species here and there, and some fences make the yard a strange shape, just like a maze. Move around the farm by using the arrow keys, push the earth creatures to the transport pads. Pay attention to every step you take. The farmyard is a puzzle in fact. What you can only do is to push, so you have to plan your tenor to gather all the life-forms you could see. Once you make one mistake in the abduction process, you will be not able to collect 6 earthlings all, and our mothership won’t come. Once the transport pads are full, our mothership will fly over here, shining brightly enough to brighten the yard, as if let the world see the future, and be able to beam the earthlings and transport them to Mars. The creatures have been hypnotized and will provide no resistance. This is a brainstorm to run out of earth farmyard. Good luck.
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