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Fortress Games is a skill game on in which you could stand for a little boy or a little girl to shoot at each other. In a lovely and beautiful cornfield, there is blue sky and green mountains, with little haulm house standing by side. A little girl and a little boy stand on two sides with some distance between them, ready for their shooting fight! After choosing your character, you will join the competition formally. Use your mouse move to choose the angle, and mouse button decides the power. Longer pressing the button brings bigger power at the specific angle, and bigger power causes the longer distance. When you leave the mouse button, the thing you use to toss will go on its trip. The so-called weapons may be small stones, dirty shoes, dog toys, duck toys, and so on which could not hurt you or the rival. Your key point is to select a proper angle and power before tossing. After several rounds of raiding each other, the one with more being hit is the loser, and the other one wins the game. Let’s review the childish game to memorize the naïve nicety in Fortress Games.
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