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Amoeba Amoeba is a skill game on , which is the world’s most realistic Amoebic fighting simulation. Do you have what it takes to become the amoebic champion? Can you handle the love? Now choose one of the four characters, all of which have different attributes, which are listed on the character select screen. Pick one that suits your style. Use arrow keys to move, A to fast punch, Z to fast kick, S to fierce punch and X to heavy kick. A + S for special attack whilst your opponent is getting up off the floor. Press "away" from whilst your opponent is attacking, or "away" and "down" for a crouching block. The arenas scroll left and right, so if your opponent is too close, you can back away. Sometimes, when hit in the air, a character will float off screen. If the happens, leave the controls alone for a few seconds and your character will re-appear. Go ahead and show your fighting skill. Good luck
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