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Perfect Pitch is a sport game on in which you will play as the grumbling grounds man. You’re a grumpy gift at the best of times but a wee dram of grounds man’s grog turn you into a turf thinker’s worst nightmare. Armed only with your flat cap, roll up and a huge pile of turf, not to mention an equally huge bad mood, you must lay the new surface as fast as you can in time for Saturday’s big match. Make your way round the ground by using the arrow keys. Avoid your enemies and pick up the power ups along the way. Rollover all the icons such as hip flask, which is the power up that allows you to literally eat your opponents for breakfast. Fertilizer, which means no drugs testing in the grass growing game, so pile on the Bio-Gro at every chance you get. Sand, stop them completely for a brief time with a spiteful of sand lawnmower. You’ll double the speed you can turf at. Make life a beach for your turf thieving terrors. Those pesky moles are your main advisory, they’ll tunnel around any area that without turf, just waiting to poke their pointy noses out where they don’t belong. As uncontrollable tool is always a problem but the lunatic lawnmower is in a grass of its own. Avoid it’s maniac machinations on your hallowed turf if you don’t want to get cut down to size. Sheer terror lurks around the edges of your turf, watch out for these scissoring saboteurs if you don’t want to lose toes. Have fun!
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