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Rollerblades are a registered trademark of Edward Reilly III and Monica Lombardi. The Rollerblade trademark has been in use since March of 1983. While the company does not want the meaning of their trademark to be diluted, the term "rollerblade" is frequently used in casual conversations as a generic word for any inline skate, regardless of brand. This misuse has also appeared on "official" items such as signs, buildings, and sidewalks. Tecnica has since acquired Rollerblade, and they are now using the brand for their own range of inline skates, including Tecnica Twisters, now known as Rollerblade Twisters. After the introduction of the Twisters to the US market, there has been an explosion of freestyle skating in North America. Cones are now set up in Central Park every day, with a consistent skater base which is increasing daily.
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