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Happy and Smile is an action game available on, for totally free. Don’t you ever think Happy Smile means this is kind of easy and boring game for kids? Beyond your imagination, this is about 2 killers, one is named Happy, the mouse, and the other is named Smile, the cat. Surprised by the 2 cutes, they are not what they appear to be. The adventure began in a bank breaking, Happy is in charge of chasing the robbers to get the money back. Before you begin the ride, you can select the character either Happy the mouse, or Smile the cat. Isn’t it amusing that the cat and mouse are partners. Never mind just go after the villains. There are the control instructions, you can master either of the character with same way, and KEY A is used in the gun shot and a violent punch when you get a close one. KEY S is used for jumping and KEY D for a special attack. You think you have already mastered it? Actually, you are far away from an expert, try to press UP and A in the same time, this will help you with a headshot, DOWN with A perform a down shot and will knee the enemy down. Go and explore the miscellaneous action system and make a combo! Good luck!
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