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Gunfire is a shooting game on in which you will have more and more difficult missions. In a clear place, nothing grows. Sometimes the wind blows and passes rapidly, with nothing left. A lonely gun sits at the bottom, waiting for its aims—some dangerous planes. They fly over it, with lots of bombs falling on the earth. There is a little red round circle rolling there all the time, which stands for the gun blood. When the bombshells fall, their aims are the circle. So blast the damn bombs before they make it to destroy the gun blood. The key Z could kill all bombs at one time, but you can not use it too much. The times are limited by system. Besides the bombshells, the planes are your objects too. You could complete the mission only if you exterminate the plane blood before losing the game. And then you could step into the next mission, receiving the more difficult task. The left and right arrow keys make the gun revolve left and right, and the space bar is the fire key. Now be brave enough to have a try. Protect your gun blood as possible as you can!
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