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Kitchen War is an action game on in which you will have a fight with the dishwashers in the kitchen. There are 3 rounds in all. In the first round the plates to be laid are 20, and 10 more are required in the following second and third round. In a clean but small kitchen, three dishwashers are washing the dishes in the sinks with their shoulder to collar on the left and will flap the plates when the washing job is over. Your task is to move as quickly as you can on the right to catch all the dishes they flap. When you are in the right place, press Z to lay the plate, then it is counted in your score. At intervals you could press X to attack the dishwashers. In each round, you will lose the game when you fail to catch the plates for four times or you can not lay the plates when four ones are on your hand. Use the up and down arrow keys to move fast to the right place. It is time to fight on your own now. Brace yourself up and get ready to catch whatever they peck!
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