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Wild West is a skill game on in which it’s a very good chance to exercise jumping and your reaction ability. In the Wild West, Willy the Pig with typical west boots and one cowboy hat is standing in the middle, facing an atrocious man in the same clothing style but with a handgun pointing to Willy the Pig. The buildings all around look rather cool without any milk of human kindness no matter it is a store or a salon. Now they stand face to face, and apparently Willy the Pig is in a really unpleasant situation. Now only you could help him if you would press the Jump Button after you heard the click of the gun. If you want him to survive in this land, you should have a high reaction speed. When you are shoot for three times, the game is over. So make sure to fix attention on the voice, and it is very hard for Willy the Pig to jump again when he is fired once. Now take heart of grace to save the poor Willy the Pig, Let us see how long you could stick to it under so horrible a circumstance.
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