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Pearl Harbor is an adventure game on in which you will go back to the World War Ⅱbattlefield to experience the death, pain, and struggle. At Pearl Harbor, you will take the mission to fight with the attacking Japanese fighter planes and kinds of warships to protect the base. Over a peaceful sea, there are thousands of planes flying and hundreds of warships with different sizes and styles passing across. Facing them, you are driving your small green battleplane to complete the difficult task—eliminate the foemen by your bombs and fire as many as possible. The mouse movement could help fly your mitsibushi lancer up and down or left and right, in addition you could press Z to drop bombs when there is a target under your aeronef to the moment, and pressing X stands for shooting. Keep on pressing X when you keep on moving to the right place where you could fire the aims properly. When you succeed, the flying machine will fall down. Make sure to avoid bumping with other airplanes. Although it is hard to change the history, try your best to influence the situation. Adequately do what you could help. Good luck to you.
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