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Quad is a classic game on in which you compete with the time. In a big square, different shapes of small squares consist of distinct number of diamonds drop to the bottom one by one. Use your mouse to guide the position for the squares, and the mouse button is used to stop and fix the squares when you think the position is proper. When it is necessary, you could use the space bar to change and rotate the direction of the squares so that they could be better fixed. When one row or line is filled up with correct diamonds, it disappears, and your score will go higher. More lines or rows disappear at the same time, more scores will be gotten. When there is no position proper for the square to “live”, you have to wait for the time bar to run out, and then the system will dispense another square to continue the game but the last waiting actually is a waist of time. When the whole time runs out, the game is over. This game is just like a brain storming. Sometimes you have to consider the next step before fixing your chess this time. Come on to have fun in Quad now!
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