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Color shift is a puzzle game on in which you have to rack your brains to eliminate colorful balls which will appear by batch gradually. There are 6-color balls in the easy mode, 8 in normal mode, and 10 in hard mode. Otherwise, arcade mode could be chosen. Click on any row or column in which the ball(s) at the top is (are) the same color as the big ball in the center, and remove them and earn money. If the top ball of a row (column) is of a different color from the big ball, then clicking on this row (column) will swap the colors of this ball and the big ball. If there are mixed colors, then all the top balls of the same color as the big ball will be removed and the next ball will swap colors with the big one. You lose if any row or column overflows and you win if you get 10000 points or more. Make sure you have considered it carefully before you click on any ball. Don’t make the color overrun! Be smarter and carry out your success with the little balls! Come on to join this special memorable “BALL”!
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