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SpongeBob Square Pants is an action game on in which you will strengthen power to kick Plankton’s minions away. After choosing the game mode ( free mode or contest mode ), it’s time for you to enjoy the cool feeling of kicking. Beside a small wooden house with various national flags, a robot anchovy is approaching to you, you have to press spacebar rapidly to raise the power before it gets to you, then give your finishing kick without any fear! After kicking it with your full strength, you could throw hard plates, delicious burgers, and crispy jellyfish to make it bounce farther; what’s more, hitting spacebar when the cursor reaches the center of the precision meter could make the robot go even much farther. Under the free mode, you could choose one player or two players style; under the contest mode, definite length is required and it will give a limited ammunition number at each level and a small additional amount is granted at the new level. If you cannot reach the require, you will fail. Do you want to be a kicking-king? Try this action game now!
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