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In this sports game on you get to play three different games. Hurdles – a true classic Olympic event which requires great timing and co-ordination. Match race – a gentlemen’s game which demands wit, co-ordination and patience. Shot Put – any bear-looking man’s excuse, it takes power and precision. In Hurdles, press space to start running after the countdown. The runner moves by himself. Hold space for a short while for a quick and short jump and a long while for a slower but longer jump. In Match race, the race will begin when you cross the starting line or after 10 seconds. Control the sail with the keys Z and X. Turn the ship with the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys. Shot Put is controlled only with the SPACE bar. The goal is to fill the circle as much as possible without leaving the boundary. The circle must be broken in the red cone to throw. Are you ready for the Olympic challenge?
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