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Cannon Man is a classic game on in which you could help the Cannon Man fly through seasons. First, on a far-flung grass ground, you could see a cannon which is not working well. It’s keeping moving up and down at various speeds, so you should be careful how you aim it. Make sure to click the mouse button once to point at the Cannon at a very proper angel, and then click again to get the best power, then sit back and see how far the Cannon Man would fly. You should note that never send the Man at an over-high angel, or he will go outside of the space. You know he is not an astronaut. If you have chosen the right time to shoot, you could experience several different seasons with distinct scenes. Fresh spring with green trees and red flowers, beautiful dark blue sky with lots of stars and some helicopters, clean world in white snow, colorful city with many high buildings, and hot ebullient sea with dancing coconut trees are what your eyes will catch. The further the Cannon Man flies, the more scenes you will discern. It’s time to take your job to help Cannon Man fly further than ever before. Come on!
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