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In this skill game on, you can create your own animal prints. Not of their skin buy of their footprints. You choose a background, then select a cute baby animal and place it on the background. You will then see a pencil. You just make your own design with the pencil and the animal will follow it with its footprints to make a lovely design. You have a selection of colors too. You can choose from a bird, panda, kitten, chick, hippo and snake. If you want to add flower bunches, you have a fish which can do it for you. Just let her splash on the desired place and lo! a beautiful bunch of flowers emerges. If you want to redo everything, use the elephant to clean the background with a huge splash of water. If you want to delete something, use the squirrel. So get ready to make amazing animal print. What’s more, you can print your creativity too!
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