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Evil minion in the dark streets all over the world to capture the children wandering too far from their parents. you are an evil minion, serving your evil lord with children. So your mission is to scare as many kids as you can, put them into the bags, and bring them to you master. Though it sounds crazy, but make sure that your boy not idle around, in case pump into the evil servant. Evil Minion is an action game, available on, for totally free. You can in the game use the ARROW KEYS to move the servant, UP KEY and SPACEBAR is used to jump. There are something should be clear before you start the game, there only 2 buttons to attack, either to frighten the kids or defeat the police or the parents. When you have frightened the children, they will no longer run any more, just walk pass them, and they will be in your bag. Go and find the black umbrella, use which you can turn away to transport your loot to the evil’s. Go and hunt!
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