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Billy had just resigned himself to a life of mediocrity. Doing boring work to pay rent, day in and day out. It would have been a life with less impact, and all the things in his life were suppose to be normal like that. But some days ago, when I woke up late in the morning, Zombies all over the cities filled all the people in panic. Zombies. So much for boredom. The only thing for Billy could think to do was check on Farah. She left him and moved to the suburbs . Billy would have to go on foot, which meant he needed ‘bite resistant’ clothes and a weapon. He never thought to pick up an instrument again and had to fight a bloody path all the way to there. Billy Genocide is an action game available on, for totally free. Use the ARROW KEY to move Billy withdraw and advance, while UP is used to search for something useful, right at the spot marked question mark. Down is for inventory and you can switch your weapons. Watch out the zombies, they are strong enough for you.
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