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Incarnate a blue or red rabbit and jump in parachute for catch carrots in the airs in Blue Rabbits FreeFall, a play of address proposed by your gate of plays. Start by choosing the zone of flight, then your character between blue rabbit and the red rabbit. In a lexeme time, jump of the plane while pressing on the bar spaces or while clicking using the mouse. Once in the airs, use the arrows of the keyboard or the mouse to move you, support twice on the left or the right-hand side or remain supported on the left button of the mouse all while moving it to swivel. Use the bar spaces to plunge. Your objective is to sufficient recover carrot before reaching the zone of opening of the parachute. This zone is indicated to the level of the red gauge of altitude between the two milk white. When you reach this zone, remain supported on the bar spaces to plunge and thus deploy the parachute. In a last time, carefully aim at the center of the target on the ground for a landing. Superb graphics and an amusing and colored universe which gives desire for trying the great jump! Attention with ducks in full free fall. Good luck!
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