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Under fireworks of explosions, take the orders of your spaceship and draw on the enemy particles in Ether War, a play of shooting available on your gate of plays. Welcome in a galactic war without mercy. You are with the orders of a mobile gun being able to move in all the directions in space and to fight against the large red particle Brood Mother. Your prime objective is to destroy the particles blue, green and reds which tackle your base. You must then defend your space station of the enemy attacks. If the central generator is touched, you lose the part. Collect the small green particles after the explosion of an adversary to gain points and thus to buy new weapons. Use the arrows of the keyboard to move you. Press on the bar spaces to make pause and improve your arsenal by buying new equipment. Use the mouse to aim and draw. Attention with looking at well the state of your shield (Shield) in top on the left of the screen. If the bar is on its level low, you lose. The explosions are magic, the excellent music; an excellent shot’ EM up with the miles and colors. Attention, you will take full the eyes of them! With you to play!
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