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Incarnate an infiltrated agent and most quickly drive a sports car to make pass to France a large quantity of drug without you to make grip by the police force in Go Fast, a play of car to be discovered on your gate of plays. Directly inspired of film, this play of race puts to you in the skin of Marek, a senior police officer which has just lost his/her colleague and his best friend at the time of an operation against a network from drug traffickers. It is formed to infiltrate a gang which imports resin of cannabis in great quantity from Spain thanks to Go Fast, of the racing cars surpuissants and charged of drug which slip by to any pace towards the cities. Use the keys Z to accelerate, S to slow down, Q and D to turn on the left and right. Click using the left button of the mouse to draw. Activate the nitro your racing car while pressing on the bar spaces. While evolving/moving in the play, you will be able to buy various goods of drug since the villa, several models of cars since the garage, and the weapons to protect you from the police force since arms manufacture. On the road, survive vis-a-vis the attacks of the Maffia and the police force which will not leave you any respite. Collect the no-claims bonus on the road and sink! A play very speed and superbly carried out to discover urgently!
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